Amazing Elves of Christmas

Each year; Helperutnity supports local volunteers in reaching out to nursing homes, care facilities, and transitional shelters around the Christmas holiday, as well as helping the facility residents with reaching back and blessing their community in creative ways.

The project began as a visit to teach crafts at one local facility some years ago; only to discover that the residents and patients wanted to make gifts to give to others rather than keep the gifts for themselves! The class worked together and created nearly three dozen pencil boxes to be given to a local children's choir who had come to visit and sing to them.

The project expanded to supporting other seasonal community-outreach projects at elder facilities; where one group of facility residents painted up holiday ceramics to raise money and buy gifts for kids, 

....and another group fluffed teddy bears and other plush pets to give to visiting children:

If you would like to support our Helpertunity Volunteer's unique efforts around the holidays; mark your tax-deductible e-banking or pay-pal donation to Helpertunity with "Amazing Elves of Christmas" in the memo line; and send it to Helpertunity at PO Box 1956, Apopka, FL 32704

Orlando, Longwood