Collect Gently Used Portable Electronics for Elders in Need

Technology is advancing rapidly, and some folks enjoy having the latest and greatest version of their favorite tech-toys.  There is no reason to let last season's version go un-used or un-loved.  Share it with and elderly, disabled, or homeless person in need.

Helpertunity welcomes volunteers and groups who can to collect, sort, clean, and refurbish usable working electronics for elder facility patients in need.

Sponsor a "Play-It-Forward" Ticket OR Lead a "Ticket-Team"

Donors can contribute to Helpertunity in large and small ways, and every contribution really does make a big difference!  If you prefer to give small contributions, then consider participating in our "Play-It-Forward" sponsorship ticket drives.  These booklets of special color-coded sponsorship-tickets guarantee a child to WIN a plush toy prize for playing one of Helpertunity's free educational games at a community event.   

Invite your Civic Organization to be a Project or Event Sponsor

Helpertunity is able to accomplish many of its efforts only because the organization has the support of other volunteer clubs, church ministries, civic organizations, youth groups, and university service networks.  These groups can get involved as a team and lend a hand, or they can simply support the works of Helpertunity through independent fundraising and financial sponsorship for one or more of Helpertunity's Projects or Events.