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Link to Helpertunity's Facebook page to stay current on what the organization is doing.  Include Helpertunity in your Interests or Facebook News Feed, and share our status updates and new project posts with your friends and family.  Like our pictures, comment on our efforts, and cheer on the hard working volunteers that make everything Helpertunity does possible and for a greater purpose.


Tell Your Local Facilities and Corporations about Helpertunity

Helpertunity is a unique organization, which believes strongly in community involvement and high-impact philanthropy.  We admire and encourage Facility, Community, and Corporate collaboration, and offer unique ways that these groups can help one another.  Through corporate social caring, direct volunteerism efforts, or by virtual interaction at a distance, the organization helps people connect. 

Invite Helpertunity to be your Seminar Guest-Speaker

Helpertunity's Founder has spoken professionally for Recreation Professional's Association Conferences, at Regional Ombudsman's Program Meetings, and for Facility Staff In-service Training Events.  Contact Eileen directly at 407-234-4768 or to request her to speak live or online for your employees, resident council, or professional organization.

Share Grant Information for which Helpertunity would Qualify

There are many grants that Helpertunity could qualify for as a 501c3 Tax Exempt Public Charity, but the first step in receiving a grant is knowing that it exists!  If you are aware of private or public funding that Hepertunity, or any of its Projects might qualify for; Please nominate Helpertunity for the grant or award, and let us know about your supportive efforts.