Gather a Team and Hold an Activity-Athon at Work or School

Hosting an Activity-athon is a great way to advocate for the needs of elderly and disabled patients; to educate the community about Helpertunity; and to volunteer time and effort from the convenience of your own location.  Activity-athons are custom designed to fit the abilities and time commitment of you and your team.  Activity-athons can take place in one day, or over the course of multiple days, in which participants complete a chosen activity task at a healthy and self-selected pace.

Design and Propose Your Own Service Project to Helpertunity

"Projects" with Helpertunity are based on the interest of our disabled participants, and community supporters, to serve others in need.  Any person or team is invited to propose a "Project" to Helpertunity for consideration and collaboration.  Please review Helpertunity's "Our Projects" page posted on the website, to see if you might begin by supporting one of these efforts, before replicating or building a unique Helpertunity-Affiliated Project in your community.

Encourage or Sponsor Activity Staff to be "Rec-Tech" Certified

Technology is a new addition to the elder and disadvantaged care industry.  Beyond using facility computers for administrative tasks, residents and clients can also benefit from modern advancements.  New and experienced Activity and Recreation Professionals can advance the industry by becoming "Recreation-Technology Certified" with the assistance of Helpertunity.  Rec-Tech Specialists focus on how to incorporate various technologies into an existing healthcare activity program, and how to work patiently with elderly and disabled clients.