Sponsor a "Play-It-Forward" Ticket OR Lead a "Ticket-Team"

Sponsor a "Play-It-Forward" Ticket OR Lead a "Ticket-Team"

Donors can contribute to Helpertunity in large and small ways, and every contribution really does make a big difference!  If you prefer to give small contributions, then consider participating in our "Play-It-Forward" sponsorship ticket drives.  These booklets of special color-coded sponsorship-tickets guarantee a child to WIN a plush toy prize for playing one of Helpertunity's free educational games at a community event.   

Look for the bright yellow Helpertunity-Authorized "Play-It-Forward" Ticket Return-Envelope when supporting a participant who is taking part in this Helpertunity fundraiser.  The yellow envelope is where our special participants, youth groups, individuals, and company teams record and track their "Play-It-Forward Ticket Sponsorship" progress, and record their contribution-collections.

"Play-It-Forward Tickets" were specially designed by Helpertunity, because unlike a typical walk-athon or other traditional charity-fundraiser, ANY person, of any age or ability, can take part in a "Bear Care & Repair Clinic" despite their limitations.  When children win the prizes that are prepared with the help of eldercare facility volunteers; it spreads community awareness about the organization AND the efforts of elderly and disabled persons who want to remain a vital part of their local community.  

Play-It-Forward encourages EVERYONE to have fun!

Contact Eileen directly at 407-234-4768 or by e-mail at Eileen@Helpertunity.org  to request a ticket-sponsorship kit of ticket-booklets and collection-envelopes for your civic group or facility team.