Host a Portable-Electronics Clean-up and Upgrade Event

Host a Portable-Electronics Clean-up and Upgrade Event

Technology is advancing rapidly, and some folks enjoy having the latest and greatest version of their favorite tech-toys.  There is no reason to let last season's version go un-used or un-loved.  Share it with and elderly, disabled, or homeless person in need.

In addition to hosting collection days for gently-used portable electronics, Helpertunity needs volunteers with the skills to check, sort, secure, disinfect, digitally-reset, and re-purpose these usable donated goods.  These working items typically need to be uploaded with free-media, free music, or free apps, that are of use and interest to elderly and disabled persons, so they can be distributed to care facilities and shelters, without the need for additional technical-upgrade or expense to the facility or client.  

Specific items being requested are:  WiFi enabled Portable Computers / Notebooks / Laptops, WiFi enabled Touch-Tablets and E-Readers, MP3 Music Players, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Digital Projectors, Web Cameras, Microphones, Handheld Electronic Games, Electronic Game Systems and Controllers, Electronic Game Cartridges and Disks, Portable DVD Players, Cushioned Headphones, Battery Chargers, and Re-chargeable Batteries.  

(The organization does not accept: televisions, desktop computers, printers, household appliances, or cell phones.)  All items must be is good working condition.   The organization does not collect obsolete technology or electronics, and donors are offered guidance on how to safely recycle such e-waste through other programs.  

Helpertunity seeks to reduce excess shipping costs of donated goods, so we strive to match Volunteers in this area with a collaborating Care Facility and a nearby Collection Event Host group or organization.