20 Amazing Ways To Be A Helpertunity Helper:


  1. Link to Helpertunity's Facebook page to stay current on what the organization is doing.  Include Helpertunity in your Interests or Facebook News Feed, and share our status updates and new project posts with your friends and family.  Like our pictures, comment on our efforts, and cheer on the hard working volunteers that make everything Helpertunity does possible and for a greater purpose.


  2. Helpertunity is a unique organization, which believes strongly in community involvement and high-impact philanthropy.  We admire and encourage Facility, Community, and Corporate collaboration, and offer unique ways that these groups can help one another.  Through corporate social caring, direct volunteerism efforts, or by virtual interaction at a distance, the organization helps people connect. 


    Helpertunity is honored to be offered counter space or promotional support from local businesses, and is proud to be invited to consult and train at Care Facilities and Public Agencies.


    Helpertunity also enjoys hosting educational-recreation programs and interactive "Lunch & Learns" for company staff:

    Contact Eileen at 407-234-4768 or e-mail Eileen@Helperutnity.org to find out how your company or business can connect with the charitable work of Helperunity in the community.

  3. Helpertunity's Founder has spoken professionally for Recreation Professional's Association Conferences, at Regional Ombudsman's Program Meetings, and for Facility Staff In-service Training Events.  Contact Eileen directly at 407-234-4768 or Eileen@Helpertunity.org to request her to speak live or online for your employees, resident council, or professional organization.

    Eileen Callejas, MBA, MS IDT, MA, AC was invited to speak with Regional Ombudsman: The tireless volunteers who advocate for Nursing Home Patient's Rights to Quality Care, manage the Elder Care Hotline, and investigate reports of Elder Abuse.  

    Eileen is currently working on a PhD Degree in Public Policy & Non-Profit Management.  Research opportunities are also welcomed.

  4. There are many grants that Helpertunity could qualify for as a 501c3 Tax Exempt Public Charity, but the first step in receiving a grant is knowing that it exists!  If you are aware of private or public funding that Hepertunity, or any of its Projects might qualify for; Please nominate Helpertunity for the grant or award, and let us know about your supportive efforts.

    You can contact a Helpertunity Project Leader to share details, or speak directly with Helpertunity's Founder & President.  If you are applying for a grant, and would like to collaborate with Helpertunity as a grant-fulfillment entity, please forward a copy of  the application, and call us to discuss the details.  You can contact Helpertunity's founder directly by Messaging the Helpertunity Facebook page, calling Eileen at 407-234-4768, or by sending an e-mail to Eileen@Helpertunity.org.  

  5. Create:

  1. Helpertunity is utilizing the help of sewing volunteers to make customized walker & wheelchair "Busy Bags" for able care-facility clients, and to sew sensory "Fidget Cushions" for Alzheimer's Patients, in order to advocate for support of more "independent recreational pursuits" by nursing home patients.  

    Links to bag patterns and cushion ideas are available by contacting Helpertunity directly at 407-234-4768  or e-mailing Eileen@Helpertunity.org  

    Completed bags, cushions, and crafting resources such as fabric, thread, velcro, puzzle books, click pens, grown-up coloring books, markers, silk flowers & stringing beads may be sent to:  Helpertunity, PO Box 1956, Apopka, FL  32704

  2. Helpertunity currently hosts two craft sale fundraisers each year to highlight the talents of care-facility residents and community volunteers who enjoy making gifts for others.  Both sales are held at a local Orlando FL school, and offer the chance for children to buy gifts for friends and family just before Christmas and Mother's Day.  Items range in price from .25 cents to $9, and are made by folks in nursing homes, along with community supporters, who want to see the organization grow and prosper in its efforts.  If you would like to contribute a few of your craft items to either sale, you may send them to the organization at any time.  (To reduce excess shipping expenses:  please consider coordinating with other nearby crafters, facilities, or community groups, and collect your donated gift items together at Regional Activity Workshops, Resident Council Meetings, or other Civic Group Gatherings before shipping them at bulk rate).  Please call in advance to the organization's main office to alert us that a shipment is on the way; 407-234-4768, then kindly send packages to:  Helpertunity, PO Box 1956, Apopka, FL  32704-1956.

  3. Helpertunity volunteers enjoy visiting care facilities to play games, host events, and take part in projects.  The organization prides itself in recognizing the time and talents of each of its volunteers and facility participants, and likes to put the talents of even more volunteers to good use making creative recognitions possible.  If you enjoy wood carving, scroll sawing, plaster casting, or ceramics; then please consider volunteering to create unique and one-of-a-kind handmade wall plaques, trophies, or gift items to share with Helpertunity participants.   Patterns and specific project needs and ideas are available from the organization.  

    Donations of solid wood planks, plaster mix, bisque ceramics, clean yarn, beautiful beads, sturdy scrapbook cardstock, and soft fabric yardage are always welcome.  For more details, please contact Eileen directly at 407-234-4768 / Eileen@Helpertunity.org

  4. Helpertunity, along with our affiliated care facilities, realize the value of capturing photos and creating videos about the efforts of our marvelous volunteers and participants.  And, often it is difficult for Recreation Professionals and Volunteers to juggle leading an activity, with our unique clients needs, AND be behind the camera too!  If you have a particular talent for taking portraits and candid photos that show people at their best, please consider volunteering as a Helpertunity Photo-Journalist, and join our volunteers on a facility activity visit.  If you have a particular talent with videography or multi-media, please consider volunteering to assist Helpertunity with creating and editing instructional videos and documentaries about our dedicated volunteers and their projects.  Please contact Helpertunity directly to discuss your time availability and skills.   Call 407-234-4768 or e-mail Eileen@Helpertunity.org.

  5. Contribute:

  1. Technology is advancing rapidly, and some folks enjoy having the latest and greatest version of their favorite tech-toys.  There is no reason to let last season's version go un-used or un-loved.  Share it with and elderly, disabled, or homeless person in need.

    Helpertunity welcomes volunteers and groups who can to collect, sort, clean, and refurbish usable working electronics for elder facility patients in need.

    Specific items being requested are:  WiFi enabled Portable Computers / Notebooks / Laptops, WiFi enabled Touch-Tablets and E-Readers, MP3 Music Players, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Digital Projectors, Web Cameras, Microphones, Handheld Electronic Games, Electronic Game Systems and Controllers, Electronic Game Cartridges and Disks, Portable DVD Players, Cushioned Headphones, Battery Chargers, and Re-chargeable Batteries.  (The organization does not accept: televisions, desktop computers, printers, household appliances, or cell phones.)   

    Helpertunity seeks to reduce excess shipping costs of donated goods; so we strive to match Volunteers in this area with a collaborating Care Facility in need and nearby Electronics Upgrade Event Hosts. 

  2. Helpertunity and affiliated Elder Care Facilities use a wide variety of recreational resources, adaptive game equipment, and activity tools to help special participants achieve quality of life and purpose throughout their day.  In addition to  a wide variety of craft supplies, puzzles, and games, facilities also appreciate receiving: adaptive sporting equipment, tabletop games, yard games, small kitchen appliances for cooking classes, a variety of theme and holiday decor, and gift cards to various budget-friendly supply catalogs, movie / music / audio book memberships, or resource specialty stores.  

    Contributions of these items can be made to Helpertunity for facility distribution, and they can be made in the name of a loved one directly to a facility in your own neighborhood.  If you know an elderly or disabled person that you would like to offer a gift, but are unsure what to give them, please contact the facility's Activity Director, or call Helpertunity for ideas.   It's easy to sponsor a "Shared Activity Experience" for your elderly loved-one and all their facility-friends, rather than giving them an item they may not be able to use or keep safely in their facility or room.  

    Often for the cost of flowers or candy, Activity Professionals can suggest a wide variety of fun and creative alternatives to show your elderly or disabled loved-one that you care and are thinking of them on a holiday, or any day.   Call 407-234-4768 for the best suggestions and for Helpertunity's most updated list of resource needs.

  3. Donors can contribute to Helpertunity in large and small ways, and every contribution really does make a big difference!  If you prefer to give small contributions, then consider participating in our "Play-It-Forward" sponsorship ticket drives.  These booklets of special color-coded sponsorship-tickets guarantee a child to WIN a plush toy prize for playing one of Helpertunity's free educational games at a community event.   

    Look for the bright yellow Helpertunity-Authorized "Play-It-Forward" Ticket Return-Envelope when supporting a participant who is taking part in this Helpertunity fundraiser.  The yellow envelope is where our special participants, youth groups, individuals, and company teams record and track their "Play-It-Forward Ticket Sponsorship" progress, and record their contribution-collections.

    "Play-It-Forward Tickets" were specially designed by Helpertunity, because unlike a typical walk-athon or other traditional charity-fundraiser, ANY person, of any age or ability, can take part in a "Bear Care & Repair Clinic" despite their limitations.  When children win the prizes that are prepared with the help of eldercare facility volunteers; it spreads community awareness about the organization AND the efforts of elderly and disabled persons who want to remain a vital part of their local community.  

    Play-It-Forward encourages EVERYONE to have fun!

    Contact Eileen directly at 407-234-4768 or by e-mail at Eileen@Helpertunity.org  to request a ticket-sponsorship kit of ticket-booklets and collection-envelopes for your civic group or facility team.

  4. Helpertunity is able to accomplish many of its efforts only because the organization has the support of other volunteer clubs, church ministries, civic organizations, youth groups, and university service networks.  These groups can get involved as a team and lend a hand, or they can simply support the works of Helpertunity through independent fundraising and financial sponsorship for one or more of Helpertunity's Projects or Events.  Helpertunity is proud to be the "Charity of the Month" for any organization whose mission aligns with our goals, and is always happy to be the ongoing recipient of collaborative effort and support.  To discuss ideas and details, please contact Helpertunity's founder directly by Facebook Message on the Helpertunity Page, by phone at 407-234-4768 or by e-mail at Eileen@Helpertunity.org.

  5. Care:

  1. Technology is advancing rapidly, and some folks enjoy having the latest and greatest version of their favorite tech-toys.  There is no reason to let last season's version go un-used or un-loved.  Share it with and elderly, disabled, or homeless person in need.

    In addition to hosting collection days for gently-used portable electronics, Helpertunity needs volunteers with the skills to check, sort, secure, disinfect, digitally-reset, and re-purpose these usable donated goods.  These working items typically need to be uploaded with free-media, free music, or free apps, that are of use and interest to elderly and disabled persons, so they can be distributed to care facilities and shelters, without the need for additional technical-upgrade or expense to the facility or client.  

    Specific items being requested are:  WiFi enabled Portable Computers / Notebooks / Laptops, WiFi enabled Touch-Tablets and E-Readers, MP3 Music Players, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Digital Projectors, Web Cameras, Microphones, Handheld Electronic Games, Electronic Game Systems and Controllers, Electronic Game Cartridges and Disks, Portable DVD Players, Cushioned Headphones, Battery Chargers, and Re-chargeable Batteries.  

    (The organization does not accept: televisions, desktop computers, printers, household appliances, or cell phones.)  All items must be is good working condition.   The organization does not collect obsolete technology or electronics, and donors are offered guidance on how to safely recycle such e-waste through other programs.  

    Helpertunity seeks to reduce excess shipping costs of donated goods, so we strive to match Volunteers in this area with a collaborating Care Facility and a nearby Collection Event Host group or organization.  

  2. Helpertunity has been busy advocating for more Care Facilities and Supportive Housing Shelters to become WiFi enabled, so that their clients can connect with distant friends and family.  However, it has been heartbreaking to see that some residents and clients do not have loved ones or friends, even at a distance, who are able to connect with them online.  Volunteers are needed to be "Virtual-Visitors" and "Online Game-Pals" for these disconnected or foster-care elderly and disabled persons.  Volunteer candidates should enjoy playing simple online social games, e-mailing, text-chatting, and video-chatting with elders.   Following an online or  telephone interview, volunteers will be put in contact with a participating facility's Activity Director or Recreation Technology Specialist, who will coordinate scheduling of their clients' online time, and provide assistance as needed.  For the safety of our affiliate facility clients, volunteers who will be visiting privately and using live-online technologies with unrelated elderly, disabled, or homeless persons, may be asked to submit to a background screening before beginning their volunteer service. 

  3. Great communication, media-literacy, and tools are essential to the growth and success of every person and organization today.  It is possible to show elderly, disabled, and homeless persons that you care about their needs by using your talents "behind the scenes" to help an organization that helps them.  Helpertunity appreciates the talents of the technology-savvy individuals who have already supported our efforts.  Our online-outreach continues to expand, with upcoming training seminars, online-courses, and advanced web-site projects already in development.  The ability of the organization to become sustainable directly impacts the organization's potential to hire such talented individuals in the future.  Put yourself at the top of the tech-talent list.  Volunteer your time to assist our current Drupal Web Development Team, or provide live or remote tech support for upcoming Helpertunity Training Events and Affiliated Care Facilities in need.   Please contact Eileen Callejas directly at 407-234-4768 / Eileen@Helpertunity.org to express interest and get more details.

  4. Helpertunity is an official 501c3 public charity, and therefor is able to accept and oversee volunteers, and un-paid interns, for community service hours.  If you are interested in completing service hours by assisting Helpertunity with events, projects, technology support, media design, or administrative tasks, please contact Eileen Callejas directly at 407-234-4768 / Eileen@Helpertunity.org.  

    For the safety of our affiliated clients, volunteers wishing to assist Helpertunity Staff in direct live or live-online contact with elderly, disabled, homeless persons, or youth will need to submit to a full background screening at their own expense, and must complete a liability waiver and media release with the organization.  

    Those wishing to volunteer independently at a nursing home or other care facility will be put in direct contact with a participating Activity Professional, who will schedule and track their volunteer hours directly through that facility, in accordance with their volunteer policies and procedures. 

  5. Collaborate:

  1. Hosting an Activity-athon is a great way to advocate for the needs of elderly and disabled patients; to educate the community about Helpertunity; and to volunteer time and effort from the convenience of your own location.  Activity-athons are custom designed to fit the abilities and time commitment of you and your team.  Activity-athons can take place in one day, or over the course of multiple days, in which participants complete a chosen activity task at a healthy and self-selected pace.  Participants can seek pledges and donations for their efforts, but fundraising is not required for participation.  E-certificates will be supplied to the registering Team Captain.  Additional self-appointed incentives and festivities for your Team / Participants are encouraged. Official prizes may be awarded by Helpertunity, once funds have been submitted to the organization.  "Pledge & Activity-Tracking Envelopes" and "Donation Receipts" are locate on the "How to Donate" Page of this site.  

    Please Register your Facility or Team before beginning your Activity-athon.  Please call or e-mail Eileen Callejas directly at 407-234-4768 / Eileen@Helpertunity.org to complete the brief registration information.  Participation by Church and Civic Groups, Corporate Volunteer Teams, Facilities, Families, Partners, and Caring Individuals is encouraged.  Activity-athons were specially designed by Helpertunity so that elderly and disabled clients and participants can also enjoy and benefit from the event.

  2. "Projects" with Helpertunity are based on the interest of our disabled participants, and community supporters, to serve others in need.  Any person or team is invited to propose a "Project" to Helpertunity for consideration and collaboration.  Please review Helpertunity's "Our Projects" page posted on the website, to see if you might begin by supporting one of these efforts, before replicating or building a unique Helpertunity-Affiliated Project in your community.  Church and Civic Groups, Corporate Volunteer Teams, Care Facilities, Families, Partners, and Caring Individuals should Contact Eileen directly at 407-234-4768 or by e-mail: Eileen@Helpertunity.org with useful project proposals.

  3. Technology is a new addition to the elder and disadvantaged care industry.  Beyond using facility computers for administrative tasks, residents and clients can also benefit from modern advancements.  New and experienced Activity and Recreation Professionals can advance the industry by becoming "Recreation-Technology Certified" with the assistance of Helpertunity.  Rec-Tech Specialists focus on how to incorporate various technologies into an existing healthcare activity program, and how to work patiently with elderly and disabled clients.  Continuing Education Courses and Contact-Hour Certificates are offered live or online.  Contact Eileen@Helpertunity.org  or call 407-234-4768 for details.

  4. Helpertunity reaches out to the local community as the culminating part of their "Play-it-Forward" and "Bear-Care Clinics" projects.  Corporate sponsors are welcomed to assist Helpertunity in defraying the cost of conference and event booth-space, volunteer travel, presentation equipment, prize preparation and distribution, and more.  In exchange for corporate sponsorship, Helpertunity offers professional-looking in-booth signage, collaborative person-to-person marketing, and online advertisement for donors, based on their preference and social-responsibility-recognition needs.  Contact Eileen directly at 407-234-4768 or e-mail at Eileen@Helpertunity.org to discuss sponsorship, co-sponsorship, and sponsor-marketing details.