Helpertunity Visits Nursing Homes Weekly & Monthly for Creative Activities

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - 2:30pm

Helpertunity Founder, Eileen Callejas, along with other dedicated Helpertunity Volunteers have taken the "Helpertunity Hands-On Pledge" - committing to share one's creative talents and interests with nearby nursing home residents at least once a month.  Helpertunity's Founder can be seen, most Tuesday afternoons from 2:30-4:30, at ACC Apopka South, in Apopka Florida.  To sign the Helpertunity hands On pledge, and share stories or photos from your visit to a facility in your area to share time and talents; please visit the Helpertunity Facebook Page at and make a community post or send us a message!.

While on 'Stay at Home" orders during the COVID-19 Pandemic, volunteers also kept busy with remote-hands-on nursing home work; making decorations, masks, busy bags, and other resources for facility patients, on order to maintain their "weekly volunteerism" commitments.  Items were delivered by Helpertunity's administrators, for those volunteers who were doing their part to slow the spread of the  disease by staying home.   (Decor and gift items were also sanitized with the help of Helpertunity's administrative team).


"Hands-on at-Home" Decorations have included collective-displays of unique holiday quilted and embroidered wall arts - a festive inspiration to nursing home residents who have sewn in their younger years, and a very dignified, re-usable, and washable/sanitize-able resource which can be enjoyed on a rotating-basis by art-borrowing host-facilities for years to come...


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