Well Wishes

The classic art of letter writing is quickly being taken over by today's tech-based social-networks.  There are two groups of folks, however, who still appreciate the rare joy of getting a post card or letter in the good-old-fashioned mail; Nursing Home Elders & Summer Youth Campers.  

Helpertunity's creative inter-generational program; "Well Wishes" brings these two groups together through the power of stamps, inks, water, pencils, and pen.


Well-Wishes Postcards are being created by all-ages in the most imaginative places:  from office holiday-service parties... to outdoor nature festivals... to scout-troop meetings:

With your contributions, "Well Wishes" will be able to continue its outreach and pen-pal exchange efforts; bringing crafts and activities, along with tangible memories and motivation, to those who are lonely and in need of inspiration.


To request or sponsor a "Well Wishes Pen Pal Party" for a local office-service-party, elder-care facility or a summer / after-school youth camp;  - or - to "Host a Wishes & Donations Well" for Helpertunity, at the reception desk or counter of your business; please contact Helpertunity directly at 407-234-4768.  


To "Sponsor-A-Stamp" for the handmade cards and greetings crafted by Helpertunity's Inter-generational Volunteers, please mark a contribution for this program clearly with "Well Wishes - Stamp Sponsor" and mail it to Helpertunity, PO Box 1956, Apopka, FL 32704.  Donations can also be made securely online using Helpertunity's PayPal Button Link on this page.  Please indicate "Well Wishes - Stamp Sponsor" in the memo section.


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