Website Design Dream Team

In 2013, Helpertunity was the proud recipient of a "Coding for a Cause" Grant, provided by the Central Florida Drupal Web Development Community.

Talented Volunteer Web Designers used the open-source Drupal Coding Language to create this custom-designed website for Helpertunity, and provided free web-hosting for one year.

The Drupal Coding Language allows Helpertunity to update the site easily with current information, because unlike static HTML web pages, Drupal is a complete "Content Management System" for websites.

Volunteer Site Developers took part in a one-day "coding sprint" on Sunday after their annual "Drupal Camp" training conference; held in 2013 at the Orlando Institute of Technology, in East Orlando, FL.

Drupal Coders from across Florida shared tips and techniques, and coached one another, while building Helpertunity's beautiful customized website.

Team collaboration did not end on the "Coding for a Cause" sprint-day... 

Many volunteers continued to work on the finishing touches for the site, along with Helpertunity, during everyone's free-time... which took an additional five weeks of creative design effort and content typing!

Helpertunity is forever grateful for the talented efforts of their Design Dream Team, and continues to include new Drupal Coders, Graphics Specialists, and Web-Design Students in the ongoing paid provision of our site-maintenance and design-upgrade needs.

To inquire on the skills of any one of our Drupal Volunteers or Design Freelancers, or to Join Helpertunity's Drupal Dream Team, please contact Eileen by phone at 407-234-4768 or by e-mail at  Recommendation Letters are available upon request.  

To assist Helpertunity in maintaining and expanding this accessible custom-designed website, or to help with the design of additional pages for our Helpertunity Project Leaders and Teams, please clearly mark "Drupal Dream Team" in the memo section of your Check or PayPal Donation.  

Donations to Helpertunity are Tax Deductible.  Donation Receipts are available upon immediate request at the time of contribution.


Helpertunity's Team of ongoing "Coding for a Cause" Participants, Trainers, and Supporters include:   (2013-Present)  (2020-Present)

Web Enabled (2013-2020)

Designs By Cielo (2013-2014)

Ingram Innovation (2013)



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