Kid-Friendly Creations

After 30 years as a school teacher, and a busy day at the theme parks enjoying her "retirement job," Helpertunity's Corporate Secretary, Dorothy Gill,  still enjoys a bit of volunteer time.  She has a specialty for applying her talents to "creative retail" efforts; by providing fundraising resources and programs that reach out to kids.  

With decades of kid-friendly experience, she seems to really know what children enjoy!  Dorothy is the Captain in the first-phase of Helpertunity's "Bear Care & Repair Clinics" - stitching up plush-pet boo-boos and giving the entire stuffed-zoo a sanitizing-suds bath:

Dorothy has propagated plants for Helpertunity's Spring Sale fundraiser at a local elementary school.

And, she has also made creatively packaged yarn and crochet kits, that look like carnival treats, for an International Fiber-Arts Fair.  Dorothy insists that she is not "crafty," but her imagineer-like creations have already raised funds and provided supplies for an Activity Program at a Children's Hospital in Canada.

And that's not all!  Dorothy's creative retail contributions have also inspired crafters at a Children's Summer Camp in Pennsylvania; with her collaboratively custom-designed and handmade Camper-Scamper Scrapbook Kits.

So why doesn't Dorothy just give supplies and cash donations directly to the children's programs?  Because as a retired school teacher, Dorothy already knows that there is an un-ending need for supplies and resources wherever children are involved. By generating fundraising revenues, she is often able to double her own donation's value, and do something which she enjoys at the same time.

So, do you have left over craft or gardening supplies, (which are clean and in allergen-free and odor-free condition) that can be enjoyed by elderly patients or hospitalized children, young campers, or school-aged shoppers?   Please contact Helpertunity directly to discuss details for making an in-kind contribution of craft and gardening resources to Dorothy's ongoing project efforts.

Better Yet:  If you would like to help Dorothy multiply her creative donation-funding efforts, so that she may continue to "Pay it Forward" with her inspired energy and enthusiasm, then please make a cash contribution via e-banking, check, or credit card to: Helpertunity, PO Box 1956, Apopka, FL 32704   with "Kid-Friendly Creations"  in the memo line.  

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