Inspiring Local Artists

Any time is the right time to discover a new talent or interest!  

People cope with the challenges of life in many different ways, and for some, that means using their free time to be creative.   For Helpertunity's Founder & President, Eileen Callejas, that includes making the opportunity to share her love of teaching art, and pass on her business school experience, with other women who are on life's journey of twists and turns and unexpected challenges.

From crochet to crafts, to micro-business and marketing skills, women through the ages have relied on creative cottage-industry ideas to help them get by during tough times, or merely get inspired after a difficult day.

Excitement comes from seeing that it is possible to accomplish something brand new.  


Creativity and cottage-crafting is a skill that can serve a woman great value at any age; it can generate pocket money when one is young, clear the mind of stress when one is an adult, and offer purpose and pass the days as one begins to slow down and reflect on a life well lived.  

To support the efforts of Inspiring Entrepreneurs, and to provide them with the resources to discover new talents and provide seed-capital  for their creative micro-entrepreneurial endeavors, please mark your contribution to Helpertunity with "Inspiring Entrepreneurs" written clearly in the memo section of your check or online donation.


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