Global Service Day

Helpertunity participates as part of Walden University's Global Day of Service, held annually in early October.  Helpertunity offers an adaptive alternative to the other Worldwide One-Day event offerings, by providing a self-paced and online / distance-participation option.

In order to create awareness and advocacy for independent and online volunteerism, and to encourage live local participants to use their talents to care for the needs of local homeless persons, Helpertunity hosted training sessions to instruct volunteers how to make handmade hats. Hats were the handmade item most requested  by our homeless and mobile outreach participants.

Helpertunity's founder taught live classes to participants at local craft stores, and hosted public tutoring sessions at local cafe's, known for supporting meet-ups in the community.

Following introductory and practice-stitch classes, live students were invited to create hats to share with those in need.

Meanwhile, participants from Helpertunity's Online Classes also took their time and set their own pace to prepare for the Global Day of Service Event.   

Online and Community participants, including elderly and disabled persons, made a total of 50 hats, which were presented to the WRCC, a Shelter for Women & Children, and Compassion Corner, a Homeless Services Drop-In Center, both located in Downtown Orlando.  Items were delivered and distributed just before the winter Holidays, when cold weather had just begun to reach the Central Florida area.

Helpertunity plans to continue this community-awareness and outreach effort as an annual event, and will continue to prepare for the "One Day" initiative based on a flexible timeline, in order to meet the adaptive needs of those who are unable to participate in a live and strenuous volunteer event, or who are only able to volunteer at a distance.  

By request, the patterns for this year include simple to advanced hand-made Lanyard-Pouches; small amulet bags worn around the neck, and used to keep personal items secure, in reach, yet out of sight; for safety.

If you would like to support the efforts of our Community and Online Care-Crafting Volunteers, or you would like to host Helpertunity's Global Day of Service Outreach & Education Table, please contact Helpertunity today.  Direct contributions to help with this ongoing project should be made to Helpertunity, with "Global Day of Service" clearly marked in the memo section of your check or online donation.  

To participate online in this year's Global Day of Service Event as Part of Helpertunity, Link to for tutorials, patterns, and details.


Altamonte Springs, Orlando