Craft & Gift Sales

Helpertunity was there when Karen wanted to start reconnecting with old friends online, and the journey led her right to a treasure trove of new ideas on creative social sites like Pinterest.  So, despite limited hearing and impaired peripheral-vision, which keeps Karen from driving, she enjoys gathering with friends online to exchange craft patterns and healthy new recipes:

But, Karen's enthusiasm for cooking and crafting soon overflowed and inspired others!  Her crochet skills sparked the creation of TWO annual craft and gift sales for local school kids, and the chance for Nursing Home Craft Clubs and Community Supporters, from across Florida and around the globe, to submit their unique handiwork to raise funds for Helpertunity too!  

Local "Discount Shopping Divas," like Miss Jean, have added their bargain-hunting skills to help expand the selection of gift-items available at the children's holiday sales:

And other crafters, like Carol, are sharing their talents with Helpertunity too.  

So far, Miss Marga's Hats have been included in the sales, but she has also made enough that they were hand-delivered to three different charity locations and included among Helpertunity's carnival-booth prizes too!...

The farthest-reaching contributions to Helpertunity's craft sales came all the way from a creative Community Supporter in New Zealand!  

If you would like to contribute handmade craft or gift items to the sale, please contact Helpertunity for details on these fundraiser events. 


If you would like to support the Craft and Gift Sale Volunteer's Efforts, please be sure that your donations to Helpertunity are marked with "Craft and Gift Sale Supplies" in the memo line.


Altamonte Springs