Who We Are

Helpertunity supports Recreation, Education & Volunteer Activities for Elderly, Disabled, and Homeless Persons, with an emphasis on Creative Arts & Technology. The organization was founded by Eileen, Callejas, MA, AC, MBA - a former school teacher who spent her summers working in parks and recreation programs. Eileen ventured into the Healthcare & Therapeutic Recreation field, and began working in nursing homes as an Activities Director. She studied the needs of disabled homeless persons while completing her graduate degree, and founded the organization to advocate for the advancement of Healthcare Recreation Services. Helpertunity participates in collaborations and efforts with: individual volunteers; facility activity-staff teams; church and civic charity-support groups; university volunteerism events; and community service networks. We are 501c3 Tax Exempt.

What We Do

Helpertunity (noun) : the opportunity to achieve purpose and improve one’s own well-being through creative acts of  helpfulness towards others.

What we do

Helpertunity.org is defined by the volunteer efforts and projects created by our extra-special participants and our amazing community supporters; find your helpertunity & purpose here: